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Why Bridge?

Become a Founder. Build a Bridge. 

Teachers at Bridge Academy are a part of something bigger than their classroom. Our founders have the opportunity to build the school our students deserve.

As a founding teacher leader, you will receive extensive professional development and coaching and have the chance to build a school from the ground up, creating a lasting institution in Baton Rouge. 

Bridge Academy is building a world class team of passionate, dedicated educators, who will work together to help every one of our students climb the mountain to college. We are looking for humble and hungry hard workers, who care about their students' academic, professional and life outcomes. Bridge Academy teachers have growth mindsets, value results, model professionalism, and work hard with their students and teammates every day.

We believe that our most effective strategy for closing the achievement gap for low-income children in Baton Rouge is to create a school that approaches teaching as the intellectually rigorous, deeply challenging profession that it is. This requires that we build the culture and structures that will help them develop their full potential. Therefore, we direct all of our resources toward creating a culture that revers great teaching, develops it, and supports it. 

To Apply:

1. Send resume and cover letter to:

Chloe Wiley
Founder and School Director

2. Complete the on-line application


 Baton Rouge Bridge Academy is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity.